360Abyss in the News

The latest press coverage for the 360Abyss VR scuba gear:

Planet Earth Diver

360Rize CEO and 360Abyss inventor Michael Kintner’s live interview with Planet Earth Diver discussing the 360Abyss and its applications for filming 360 degree VR underwater.

Dive Photo Guide

Dive Photo Guide’s coverage of the 360Abyss including a technical spec breakdown, interviews with inventor Michael Kintner and award winning diver Bill Macdonald and sample VR 360 video footage.


VRfocus highlights the 360Abyss’ ability to film immersive 360 degree virtual reality content underwater.

Dive Magazine

Dive Magazine features the 360Abyss among their latest dive kit technology.

Seattle Times

The Seattle Times highlights the 360Abyss during its International CES coverage.

EATT Magazine

EATT Magazine discusses the 360Abyss in their latest tech edition.

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